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Tawas and ITU

Wow – Big congratulations to these GRC athletes!

Jennifer Evangelist– Finished her first Half Ironman at Tawas.  Congratulations! Age Group Award - ITU

Ali Schwein- After having left for college at Colorado-Boulder (how cool is that?), came back to Chicago and did the ITU World Championships and took 3rd in her Age Group and was first American at the Olympic distance for 18-19 year olds. We are sad to have her move on; but excited for her as she starts her life as a full time college student.  She was a joy to work with for the past 2 years. Duane Amato - Finishes strong

Duane Amato- Our Masters “stud”.   He did the ITU Worlds in Chicago also and finished 15th in his AG for the Worlds race and backed it up with a 2nd place AG finish on Saturday for the open sprint race.   He’s had a great season and continues to get better with age!

Great 2015 Season for the Men

Some impressive results, to say the least!

First IM Finish - SeyedSeyed Hajimirza– In his FIRST, full Ironman had a beautifully executed performance at IM Mt. Tremblant.  His consistency throughout the winter and spring months paid off with a finish that was within 1 minute of his goal time that was established at the beginning of the season.  

While we didn’t focus on his time, but more of his execution; he was extremely satisfied with his performance and completed his goal that he had when first coming to work with us this year.

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Great Season – Women

As of June, a great 2015 season for our women athletes

Big Fish Win: An appropriate award considering the conditions

An appropriate award considering the conditions

First Place Sprint Women

Ali Schwein – First Place Sprint Women

Taylor King– Big Fish- Overall Woman’s Winner on an absolutely horrible race day with cold and rain. This was a WELL deserved win.

Janelle Holt– Our assistant coach and resident Canadian/Australian has had a couple of podium finishes in her new world of Ontario Mountain Bike Racing.

Ali Schwein– Continues her great season so far with an OVERALL female winner at the sprint race at Island Lake in June. Funny that the award is a bottle of wine for a minor….good thing Mom was along.

1st Place Overall- Regional Draft Legal

A great start for Ali!

Our high school standout, Ali Schwein, traveled to West Lafayette to compete in a regional draft legal talent weekend.

This is First Place!

This is First Place!

On Sunday at the combined youth and junior, female elites race, Ali lead out of the pool swim and onto the draft legal bike.  She came off the bike 2nd and through a blistering run(avg 6:55/mile); passed her competitor at a strategic time in the race and came across the line with a 8 second win.  

Congratulations to Ali on her regional talent series win.  It’s a great start to her senior high school season in triathlon.

Great Spring Marathon-Taylor King

These are the posts that the coach loves to write about….

One of our new 2015 athletes, Taylor King, recently did the Shamrock Marathon in Virginia Beach… IMG_2610

In her first stand alone marathon; we took a very specific approach knowing that she wasn’t going to be able to log the “normal” marathon mileage.  (We don’t always follow the old school rules of running).  

Her longest run was 16 miles leading into the race.  Although, it was a marathon pacing exercise, where we focused on her pacing and mental prep.  

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2015 Kick Off

Starting the year off with a bang!

Gasparilla Swag

Gasparilla Swag

Our high school stand out, Ali Schwein, has had a fantastic swim build this senior year.   She qualified for sectionals with a personal best in the 100 free with a 1:01 and 5:59 in the 500.  In between all of this lap time in the pool, she took a break and ran her first half marathon(1:49) in Disney over winter break (with her Mom).   She finished 5th in her AG out of 374(That’s top 1.3% in her AG); 310th overall out of 20k+ runners.  Pretty solid for someone who we didn’t have run more than 8 miles in her training.

The Coach took his new standard winter break and did the Gasparilla Ultra Classic in Tampa. This included a 15k/5k on Saturday and Half Marathon on Sunday.  The goal was to get the coveted top 10% finishers mug in the 5k.  Mission accomplished.  They total the run times for all 3 events and gave him a top 5 in the AG of 45-49’ers and a faster half marathon than 2014.  This race is first class and the shirts/jacket/medals are pretty sweet for a reasonable entry fee.  This event is HIGHLY recommended.  They sold out this year with 30K+ participants in all the events.  It’s a great break from this awful Michigan winters. We are about 4-6 weeks away from folks starting to get their bikes on the road; so the season is going to be on us sooner than later.  Time to get started!