ICEMAN; aka “Rain-Man”

Should have been "Rain"-Man

Should have been “Rain”-Man

We had several athletes and the “Coach” participate at Iceman this year.   Conditions were, to say the least, AWFUL. Read More →

Detroit Marathon…(Half)

Detroit's Cool Medal

Detroit’s Cool Medal

We had a handful of athletes (and family and friends) competing at the Detroit Marathon events.


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End of Summer Recap

So, most of our athletes are wrapping up the season or into their final tri-tapers.  We have some athletes preparing for fall endurance running events.  But, here is our August and September wrap ups… Read More →

More Racing and Results this Summer




We’ve been a bit busy coaching various kids programs and adult age groupers, but are pleased to announce our athlete performances.  We like to point out that it isn’t about the coach’s race results, but our Athletes.  We work with all levels of abilities and have seen very nice performances again this year.   We are proud and pleased to say that…. Read More →

Nationals and Worlds-UPDATED

We’ve had some great performances this season so far.  Those details will follow in the next post.  In addition, we’ve had numerous folks qualify for USAT Nationals and ITU World Championship races.  Very proud moments for these athletes(and coaches) to compete on a world stage.   This season we’ve had… Read More →

Grand Rapids-Triathlon

This is turning out to be a fan favorite race to start the season.  This year was no different.   We also had some podium finishes.   With this being the USAT Half Iron championship, the studs showed up from all over.  There was over 1500 athletes total in all distances.

Ali Schwein-2nd Place

Ali Schwein-2nd Place

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Mid Season Results/Performances

So, we are now in the full swing of the race season in Michigan and our athletes have done very well to kick things off their racing.  Our team of five athletes raced at Grand Rapids (which is posted on the next entry)…. Read More →