Great Spring Marathon-Taylor King

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These are the posts that the coach loves to write about….

One of our new 2015 athletes, Taylor King, recently did the Shamrock Marathon in Virginia Beach… IMG_2610

In her first stand alone marathon; we took a very specific approach knowing that she wasn’t going to be able to log the “normal” marathon mileage.  (We don’t always follow the old school rules of running).  

Her longest run was 16 miles leading into the race.  Although, it was a marathon pacing exercise, where we focused on her pacing and mental prep.  

In addition to running a 1 mile time trial with less than 2 weeks to go to the race; we nailed down a racing strategy for her to reach her goals.  Both of these key workouts were done to get the mental prep and ensure she could meet her goals.Great run position

Taylor ran a BEAUTIFULLY executed run with a negative split and perfectly run event.  She progressively got faster as the race went along and ran the fastest 10k at the end of the run.  She finished in 3:30 and qualified for a Boston spot with 5 minutes to spare.  (This wasn’t even a goal to start)

She commented that she was so happy and that it still had not sank in yet of her execution.  While sore for a few days after, we received note that she was back to feeling better about 4 days after the event.  A true sign of proper preparation.

Thanks go out to her boyfriend as well for helping her in her run.

Congratulations Taylor!  Next goal is Ironman.