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GRC Coaching: Quality over Quantity

Golden Ring Coaching likes to focus on quality over quantity with our clients.  We tend to keep a small roster of athletes to preserve the quality of the relationship.  This includes a hands-on-approach to our athletes training.  

Please inquire today if you are interested as our openings tend to fill early in the season. We usually are full in the main portion of the season, but are available for consulting if no active slots are open. GRC works with athletes locally and remote.  In fact, half our clients live outside the Metro Detroit area.  

Training PeaksAll training is posted on, so we are able to continually monitor our athletes progress.  This gives us the ability to monitor all device files as well; including GPS and Power devices. We have worked with Power files for over five years and are very knowledgeable about the data provided by these tools.  

We work with clients on a month to month basis, so there is no long term required contract.  Just a commitment to do your best with your time available.  We work with all levels of athletes from aspiring professionals to Ironman “newbies.”  We work on all distances and have had clients complete their first events up to athletes taking podium positions.  This includes on-road, as well as off-road (XTerra) events.  

Our fee structure starts at $140/month with a one time application/planning fee of $80.  Invoices are submitted electronically at the beginning of each month and can be paid electronically or good ole “snail mail.”   

If interested, please inquire for openings and we can provide our initial athlete questionnaire that is to be submitted before we sit down and physically meet.